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Gaelic Tribe specializes in the music of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Our performances feature a lively mixture of original and classic tunes -- jigs, reels, songs, airs including original compositions and arrangements. The CD is done! It's available on CD Baby. Locally, the CD is available at Wellhaven music on Broadway in downtown Rochester, MN. Please visit our store on CafePress!

Founded in Southeastern Minnesota, the Tribe includes composer, fiddler, and tin whistler Jay Millman; renowned flutist Martha Millman; guitarist and vocalist Harmon Pierce; fiddler Kerry Quigley; and Joe Peterson on bodhran. We provide live entertainment for your festival, wedding, club, etc.

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Music: Milk, cocaine and peppers, the Mediterranean diet that almost ends with David Bowie

The British musician died yesterday of a cancer at 69 years. In the 1970s, stuck in his role as a wild pop star, he could go down in history as a rock martyr. Between the curse and the autoparodia

Spanish: David Bowie has died . Whereupon: Tap put in historical context some of the most ostentatious and bloody episodes of his  biography .

Back in the seventies, pop started having trouble overcoming their past achievements, so he threw the baroque style: the rockers  pushed for drum solos fourteen minutes, conceptual discs and round fall before 70,000 people on account of overdose . However, the ability of the rock to parody himself, came from afar: the rock / pop was born with the seeds of its own self – destruction inside. Tells Bob Stanley in his history of pop ( ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah !, now published by Turner! ):

“It was seen and unseen: brokered barely two years between the initial blast of rock ‘n’ roll and self – parody . Disservice would these pioneers generations by coining the expression ‘style rocker life’ to refer to activities such as dressing suck black leather, smashing televisions, drinking Jack Daniel’s to nose and placed with heroin: the rock ‘n’ roll The first hour was fast, fun, disposable, challenging, youthful and refractory to clichés. There are more rock ‘n’ roll in the three minutes of fiery desmelene of ‘I Need a Man’ by Barbara Pitman in the entire discographies of Aerosmith and Motley Crue . ”

But there was no need to be a brainless roquero Los Angeles to get caught in the clichés of pop. Sophisticated pop stars also lost their roles to a stereotype: one that ‘forced’ them to fall into the horse’s nets and coca to achieve the status of damn / authentic musician.

David Bowie scored a brutal peak of popularity with the albums ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ (1972), ‘Aladdin Sane’ (1973) and ‘Diamond Dogs’ (1974). Then came the moment rocker par excellence: he was  trapped in his own character and its own excesses. All this seasoned with huge amounts of coca and … milk.

“In 1977, an emaciated Bowie struggled to stay alive. After three years of milk and cocaine, he looked like a silent movie ghost, “writes Stanley. But instead of death , there was resurrection . One of those ‘I’ve survived hell and I’m here to tell you’ that so much love pop / rock foodies. “He had moved to Berlin, the city that best reflected the divisions , barriers and disillusion of the decade, and there was saved. He published in the spring ‘Low’, his masterpiece and arguably the most desolate and expressionless disk pop history … His -‘Low Berlin trilogy ‘,’ Heroes ‘and’ Lodger’- laid the foundation of the music of the decade Of 1980, “adds Stanley.

In 1977, an emaciated Bowie struggled to stay alive. After three years of milk and cocaine, he looked like a silent movie ghost.

Bowie left the hole, yes, but the enigma about drugs, the badness and stereotypes of rock continues. The Spaniard Nacho Vegas musician who has lived its own process excessive rise, fall and rise, discussed the matter with this reporter in an interview for a book .


“I’ve always had a mitroman point with rock. I have read many books, but the more I read, the more myths came to me. An example. In the Festival of Gijon they put a documentary about  Gram Parsons . I was very fan. He died at age 28 of an overdose of horse and, moreover, wanted to be buried in the  Mojave Desert . His friends took his body to the desert to perform a ritual with fire. Very mystical all. I had heard that story and it seemed very romantic to me. But the movie explained how it really happened. His roadie, who had plenty pint element to sack drunk, stole the body of Parsons his family, he got into a van, bought  a liter of gasoline and set fire to the body in the desert. And if all this was not enough, he did it in a sloppy way: he could not burn the whole body and the family had to recover the intact part to burial. This is not romantic at all. It’s ridiculous. The myths of rock are based on nothing or miserable things. That was always so. ”

And now it is when you should consider whether coca fed on milk and reinforces the myth of  David Bowie  or ridicules … Place your bets.

The Paranoid Bowie in Bullets


Postscript: Hitler and healthy food

Bowie’s Sevenfold Diet According to the page dangerousminds.net

Demonstration that the outdated roquero tends to self – parody: the comic ‘The Side Effects of the Cocaine’ from Sean T. Collins and Isaac Moylan , summarizes the adventures of David Bowie from 1975 to 1976 in Los Angeles, when he entered a drift paranoid  acute because of its peculiar food pyramid (you know: milk more coca, although some sources say that Bowie also took  hcg diet injections and “red peppers” , that is, pure Mediterranean diet).

The comic, which swings between horror and humor , shows us a Bowie with serious problems to differentiate between reality and paranoia crazy. Or the ball-stops of a rock star trapped in his mental maze. A comic psychodrama in full order.

By the way, at the time that reflects the comic, Bowie was interviewed by a very young (19 years)  Cameron Crowe (future director of films like ‘Jerry Maguire’) for the magazine ‘Playboy’. The interview has passed into pop history through Bowie’s massive mental pie: “Rock stars are fascists. Adolf Hitler  was one of the first rock stars . Think about it. Watch your first movies and the way it moves. I think he’s as good as Jagger. It’s fascinating. boy when Hitler was put on a stage , knew how to work the public and is the creator of something known control for twelve years. The world will never see anything like that again. Turned a country into a scenario “… Is it or is not it laughable?


Snuff consumption among musicians of any level is a practice of most everyday, and not at all studied as a harmful habit for artistic practice. Thus, a professional musician uses an average of three to four hours a day in the studio with his instrument; which contains plots as technique, expressiveness, relaxation, etc., taking into account not acquire bad habits in his playing. Now, it is most common in orchestras, bands and other groups, to see how in the rest of group trials many of the members are smoking without any concern for their health.

Smoking is one of the most common causes of deaths that could be avoided. Hundreds of thousands of people die prematurely around the world for reasons directly derived from the consumption of snuff, including here, of course, passive smokers. Despite these statistics, millions of people around the world continue to be consumers of snuff.

A professional musicians are considered in different clinical fields in the same way that elite athletes; this means that health care should be exquisite and one of the main requirements in professional life. Therefore, there is a great disappointment between concern for artistic improvement and the damage that provides the snuff.

In medical terms there are too many assumptions that can be named as “absolute truths”, but there is one from which there is no doubt: the snuff is harmful to the body.

As for consumption, all variants are harmful (cigarettes, chewing snuff, water pipes for sale, …), but the most adverse health is undoubtedly the cigarettes, while being the most widespread.

This “absolute truth” is known aforementioned surplus by all musicians, but still continue their addiction being this sometimes due to ignorance of the damage, scientifically proven that smoking provides our health.

Thus, snuff consumption is associated with many problems. It’s addictive, which promotes not only physical but also psychological dependence. Nicotine, one of the main chemical components of snuff, is several times more addictive than heroin and cocaine. It is associated with cancer of the lips, mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, lungs, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, and cervix. One of the main conditions that should interest the musicians of wind instruments is that damages the airways directly damaging tissues, altering their properties of self-cleaning and repair, which affected the dynamics and efficiency breathing. Predisposes the consumer to suffer artemio-sclerosis coronary and peripheral artery, angina (chest pain related to heart) and myocardial infarction (heart attack), blood pressure disease varies. It is a risk factor for arteriosclerosis (decreased bone density). Increases susceptibility to develop peptic ulcers.Before pregnancy raises the risk of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), premature birth, low birth weight, and perinatal death. It is associated with premature skin aging. Irritates the eyes and performs burns throat and lungs. It provides an unpleasant odor to hair, skin, breathing, clothing. Stains teeth and fingers. It can cause burns to skin, clothing and real estate. It is a fire hazard, especially when associated with alcoholic beverages. Reduced exercise tolerance and overall fitness smoker will look worse. If an annual count of money you spend an average person exclusively in buying snuff, regardless of the costs incurred by their damage is done, it is evident that it is very expensive. It is often offensive and potentially harmful to those around the smoker, making them passive smokers. It can increase the incidence of asthma, cause pneumonia, ear and check out for possible infections. Some of these features snuff consumption can be seen immediately and others will be apparent in the short term, occurring within months. But the most dangerous are those who are taking shape with daily use, taking its toll on health that can be seen without an overwhelming at the beginning and middle of the process, and appear throughout years of dependence.

Among the various specialties undoubtedly the most affect smoking will be musicians wind, in which the sound quality will be directly related to the ability to control and air quality expelled to cross and vibrate the instrument in question, either wood or metal.

Faced with so many negatives offered smoking, and many of them fully understood by consumers, there must be a point in favor of consumption. In his defense we discuss how people really are enjoying the act of smoking and snuff flavor. Most experience a sense of “tranquility” when you are smoking, calm usually caused by a manifestation of the body to be relieved nicotine dependence. This is not a smoker will feel better than you would a non-smoker, but the first temporarily relieves the unpleasant symptoms caused by the need for nicotine between doses. These symptoms of “withdrawal” are, among others: nicotine cravings, irritability, frustration, anger, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, decreased heart rate and increased appetite. Smoking seems to help in weight control because a smoker quits gain some kilos, and this point one of the main obstacles to leave. But this proved that smoking a pack of cigarettes per day has a physiological stress in the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems equivalent to having 40 kilos over weight, thus quitting’ll catch some weight but the body will undergo 30 kilos approximately less wear. In the short term, weight gain, although undesirable from a cosmetic point of view, can be treated with discretion through diet and exercise, both very convenient for musicians, although this must be when there are no symptoms of craving for nicotine as they try to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time is much effort.

There are several alternatives for quitting smoking, such as exercises to gradually letting go, psychological help, drugs and substances that help alleviate nicotine withdrawal and even hypnosis can help. These processes can be performed alone or in combination, but it is clear that the best help is to know the evil that is to the body and therefore for the musical performance the regular consumption of snuff.

What the musician should be sure of is that not everything is in the study of the merely musical to properly fulfill its role as an interpreter, but we must monitor closely the state of our health, directly related to the sound and expressiveness, and instead of little use hours and hours of practice when smoking is physiologically prevents the proper use of resources given naturally in the body.

As we have seen, the damage to our health are many. Some damage affecting musical practice in all instrumentalists, directors and singers, but not taken into account for a more rapid and effective artistic improvement. A point in music education that should be taken into account by teachers in instilling a study protocol on the student.

More about the interaction between music and cosmetics

Music and cosmetics are used since the early days of Ancient Greece as rituals and even today this vibelingers in the various protocols in aesthetic clinics and salons with sound environment. As said Aristotle, “the music is heavenly, divine nature and of such beauty that enchants the soul and rises above his condition.” The beauticians use it for purposes like and well-being better in aesthetic treatments.

The relaxation protocol from the musical notes of the chords that are sound frequencies, give rhythm and sound to the melody, according to treatment on the patient. Each musical style has its particularity for this treatment between music and cosmetics.

As already published by our team in this article , Shiseido launched the acoustic beauty care. The sounds cited by Shiseido are drops of water, which produce lift x onde comprar and two distinct frequencies, low and high, known as binaural beats, or are perceived by 2 ears and cause a feeling of relaxation.

Woman getting relaxing massage at SPA

Relaxing massage.
Photo: marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

But where does the beauty and cosmetics that tune?

The difference in frequency notes increases feelings of relaxation due to stimulations caused by brain waves can be measured by oscillations in encephalogram.

Any external action with music, since we are with mental, emotional and conscious state operating, has resulted in fluctuations in brain waves, which stimulate the production of hormones (like cortisol) and antibodies (such as the immunoglobin). These hormones have an interaction with our well-being day-to-day and can reduce wrinkles and expression lines caused by stress (cortisol) and disease due to low immunity when we experience certain situations (Immunoglobulin A), as they are attached to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The SNA controls the basic functions of our body, such as breathing, blood circulation, temperature control and digestion, so the beauty treatments performed with the synergy of music, have greater effectiveness. Moreover, cosmetics applied have higher permeability of the assets that make up the product due to body temperature system being in tune and have more awareness to the touch according to harmonization.

bottles of shampoo or liquid soap

Your favorite moisturizer helps to relax?
Photo: Photokanok / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Before the relaxation treatments related both to the touch and with the music, the purpose is very specific: the relaxation and individual well-being. After all, every human being active life, because of the stress of work, traffic, disagreements and setbacks of the day-to-day, just aside your highest good health in the issue: the state of physical and mental balance. To control this balance is necessary planning and daily attitudes, such start experimenting using your favorite cream listening to your favorite music?

9 effects that classical music has on our brain

In classical music the have granted always various benefits like reducing stress or cause a better plant growth (this is what we have to ask our biologist, Marina, to see if it is a myth or is completely real). But while we wait to see if would be nice to bring them to our geraniums a good list of Spotify Mozart or Beethoven, here are some of the proven classical music in our brain benefits:

1. Music cause the same emotions that speech:

According to some studies, music has the ability to cause chills or make our heart “swell of joy , ” even in different cultures .. For example, Western music cause emotions of excitement or joy . This may be because the music mimics the tonal characteristics of the emotion of the voice , leveraging our communication skills and our cultural associations in the same way.

2. Music can help us recover after a transplant:

For if, according to research published in The Journal of Surgery Cardiothoraic , listening to classical or opera music after a heart transplant can mean the difference between success and failure, as they have found that music reduces anxiety, pain and nausea, even they claim that there could be some effect on the parasympathetic nervous system (a part of the nervous system whose function is to control unconscious things in our body, such as digestion). According to the research, conducted with mice receiving a heart transplant, classical music lengthened the life time of the transplant before it failed on other types of music, possibly improving the immune system according to the researchers , but this is not fully clarified.

3. Classical music can reduce pain and anxiety:

Relating to the previous example, an investigation by the Duke Cancer Institute found that using headphones with noise cancellation and in which classical music is heard (in this case listened to Bach), reduced pain and anxiety during a biopsy prostate . Normally blood pressure increased stress and anxiety occurs, but to put the music such an increase was not given. In addition, those using headphones reported they felt less pain.

4. Listen to classical music could improve performance:

 According to a recent study by the Health Science Center, University of Texas , physicians who listened to Mozart while performing colonoscopy increased their detection rates of precancerous polyps above references, and above doctors not listening to music . Even when doctors knew the purpose of the study, their detection rates jumped from 27.1% to 36.7%, which is not bad. Research suggests that this improved performance could also occur in more professions and in other situations.

5. Classical music can lower blood pressure:

If we know that reduces pain and anxiety, they tell us that music also lowers blood pressure should not surprise us , since it also reduces stress and this, in turn, affects blood pressure , according tocomparisons made ​​in a study at the University of San Diego between classical music and jazz, pop or otherwise. As you will imagine, those who listened to classical music had lower blood pressure levels.

6. Listen to classical music could combat insomnia:

As I told you, you must first quit (or not start), because the snuff affects sleep quality . And if still you have trouble falling asleep, an investigation of the University of Toronto says that listening to classical music before bed may help, as would cause us to sleep us faster and further, excellent nights sleep longer ( why using drugs having music? over cheaper hear ).

This is due to the rhythms and tonal patterns of this kind of music, which create a meditative mood and a slow brain waves.

7. The ” Mozart Effect” improves temporarily spatiotemporal reasoning and short – term memory:

For if, Mozart also has an effect, besides great music. This effect is, according to a meta-analysis of all research until 1999 on the subject, that listening to Mozart would cause excitement, which wouldcause a temporary enhancement of spatial reasoning and short – term memory (but nothing to improve our IQ, no one delude). According to another study conducted in 2003, this improvement lasted only 15 minutes.

8. Classical music can promote brain development in children:

A few weeks ago I spoke of the benefits you had to play an instrument since childhood on official site of fatorgenius suplemento, it is that this type of music helps to better brain development, but not become a genius anyone. But, according toa study by Dr. Gordon Shaw of the University of California-Irvine , children who listened to Mozart and then studied piano had better scores in math than others. And, according to other studies, listen to music and practice could help children develop spatial and verbal skills and encourage self-control.

9. Classical music can help you learn new languages:

This will come me well even to me, I’m planteandome improve my English and even French (German, despite the encouragement they have given me, remain unconvinced).

According to research by the University of Illinois in 2005, s and found evidence that listening toclassical music improved language learning, as it could encourage learning grammar, vocabulary, improve pronunciation and to help us appreciate more the culture . Subsequently, other studieshave supported these findings. And, most impressive about this topic, it is the method used by Dr. George Lazanov, foreign language teacher, using baroque music to help their students learn 1000 vocabulary of foreign languages ​​in a single day with an accuracy 85 to 100% (if this is true, we must try …).


Choose the suitable filter is crucial to counter the magical 11,000 likes. At least for me, to use filters is to click on different types until you get bored. To develop my understanding of what are the best filters, I decided to study the trends of the masters of Instagram: pop stars.

Using a statistical analysis package for the R programming language , developed by the great Pablo Barberá , I seek the last 250 publications and 15 more musicians followed in Instagram. Yesgram makes it easy to access to its data, so that each post is attached a good deal of metadata (hey, if the NSA -Agency US national security for its acronym in English have this information, why all of us no?), including the type of filter that each publication has.

Chart filter analysis by Major and Sam Chieng / s click here to expand

The first thing I noticed is that the use of a filter on each post is a serious faux pas. Getting the sampling of each user, the results displayed that Normal is the most used, with considerable scope filter. I had to go to the bottom of the list of the most popular to find one in which this is not the case;Apparently, Miranda Kerr and Paris Hilton are obsessed with Valencia. So I’ll definitely use it.

Although most successful musicians use a diverse variety of filters, when you add, certain patterns begin to emerge. As you can see from the graph (made in a beautiful way by graphic designer Sam Chieng) , on average, the most popular filter is Mayfair, followed closely by Amaro, X-Pro II (which has the ridiculous name there for a filter after “Toaster”), and yes, Valencia. Filters that should be ignored at all costs is 1977, Gingham, Brooklyn (make better try, no?), Dogpatch, and Maven.Incisors Broad City cultural observers are right about Kelvin-or be approached.

Using filters followed by 5 more accounts described at the bottom. As you can see, Queen Bey is the most followed in Instagram artist, she uses filters less than a quarter of the time; his favorite, too, is Valencia. Ariana Grande is the queen of the multitude of #sinfiltro (#nofilter) while tswift is a fan of filters, using them almost two-thirds of each of their publications, as well as your favorite is Mayfair by a significant margin. The Biebs is also a fan of Mayfair, despite his old cabbage, Selena Gomez prefers Slumber.

Outside the top five, the use of filters is less usual: Miley and Nicki filters used in less than 5 percent of their posts, and Rihanna joins mountain stingy. Justin Timberlake is in love with Valencia. My favorite finds are by Katy Perry and Drake, which a filter with an almost perfect name used. “Rise” which is basically the same word as “Roar”, which effectively captures the media image of power-pop Katy Perry. Meanwhile, “Willow” is not an avid participant in the game of the filters.

The last three accounts belong to One Direction (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and the official account of the band), and these last three love Amparo. This coincidence fueled my thirst for search, so I decided to investigate further only to find something new and refreshing on the most obsessed users worldwide: I think the same person manages the accounts of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and counting the band. My evidence? This chart significantly less beautiful:

Major image for Chad / s Click here to increase

The black dots correspond to the official account of the band, red belong to Harry Styles and Niall Horan are blue. Each column shows the frequency with which a filter is used. As you can see, in some of the columns of the points they are in almost the same position; with the exception of the account of the band using less options from time to time, the similarities are unmistakable.

So the secret is out. One Direction fans: if you want to be like their idols, Amparo need to use 10% of the time, Mayfair another 10% of the time, Lo-fi 8% of the time …

For the rest of you: They have the same number of filters that ‘gram Beyoncé’. Use them wisely.

Accountant and musician who has multiple sclerosis received community support

With his friends Eduardo Castro and Aldo Rojas, Marcos Cabrera he contrived to sing.

The case of the musician and accountant sanantonino, Marcos Cabrera, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and who lives literally prostrate in his modest home in Barrancas, and was released extensively through the pages of bookkeeper brisbane, did not leave indifferent to the community. This is because after taking public its precarious condition, samples were immediate support.

At 35, and with a sense of humor that disturbs anyone, Marcos Cabrera Alvarado (35), thanked his way with her mother Hilda Alvarado, the concern expressed by many people. Eight years ago he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which was slowly consuming. With his mother, he spends his days in his modest home located at 1479 Juan Antonio Rios in Barrancas. Only his family and his closest circle of friends knows her harsh reality.

In this situation the Municipality of Christmas, where he worked for many years, joined the solidarity campaign by donating a surgical cot and decubitus mattress for his former head of administration and finance.

“The truth is that life has changed us a lot since the Mark was diagnosed with the disease, and never could sing like he did in his group Nuevo Trigo is like a big child in body, although at times has very clear notions of what is happening around him, “says his mother, who thanked the efforts promoted by the municipality in the Sixth Region.

Likewise Hilda Alvarado thanked the concern shown by the musician Aldo Rojas, and the president of the FENATS, Eduardo Castro, who presented him with 74,000 pesos, money that was raised at the rock of song of solidarity organized to benefit.

Marco’s mother, who was a faithful witness of the physical and mental deterioration suffered by his son, grateful for the donation, indicating that this money will be invested for the purchase of diapers and feeding.

“It’s hard to accept that someone life was healthy and normal, suffer such damage. Luckily we have not been alone and God has been our great support. His closest friends, who have always been willing to help, too have been important, “he explains still excited.

“Somehow we have met Marquito as it was practically the public who participated in this benefit, moved by his current situation,” said Eduardo Castro.

While Aldo Rojas said that “it was the least we could do with an artist who both delivered by music in San Antonio.”

Fire causes damages to the Ace Frehley’s house – leading guitarist of the American rock band Kiss

A house of Ace Frehley, lead guitarist of the American rock band Kiss, was severely damaged on Saturday by fire.

The house is located in the town of Yorktown Heights, a suburb of New York.
The house is located in the town of Yorktown Heights, a suburb of New York.

Firefighters rushed to put out the fire in the house of stone walls in the town of Yorktown Heights, a suburb of New York, the newspaper The Journal News .

The house was badly damaged, as the flames burned through the roof. The newspaper said the musician was fighting a process of foreclosure on the property in Westchester County Court.

The A#1 Emergency Service orange county water damage helped a resident of the house with emergency shelter. A neighbor said a caretaker lived in the house.

It was not immediately clear if the musician 62, a founding member of the famous rock band, was at the scene when the fire occurred.

Frehley played with the band until 2002, when he participated in his farewell tour.

Music in the vagina to stimulate the fetus during pregnancy

Mozart, Mickey Mouse, Queen or singing a cappella singer Adele has managed to awaken from their slumber to a hundred babies who dozed peacefully in the womb of their mothers. It was known that music is a universal language that crosses borders but between those boundaries were the abdominal wall and a melodic sound could penetrate almost soundless womb to stimulate a fetus at four months of Gynecologist is the novelty brings a study by researchers at Institut Marquès of gynecology and obstetrics of Barcelona. The work proves that, after 16 weeks of gestation , the fetus can already hear and even respond to musical stimuli emitted from the mother’s vagina.

Little or no use, as the signatories of the study, the practice of encouraging creatures with music played through giant headphones attached to the belly of the mother. The abdominal wall has “many layers and thick”, which make the sound reaching the uterus is distorted and almost a whisper, so that the fetus is unfazed. Nor future infants respond to non-musical sound vibrations but are output from the vagina (with a vibrator, for example). The investigators, who publish their work this week in the British journalUltrasound conclude that the only way that music penetrates the nearly soundproof uterus and cause a response from the creature through the vagina.

We managed to communicate with the fetus, “concludes Dr. López – Teijón, author of the essay

Thus, the researchers designed a prototype speaker that was introduced into the vagina of a pregnant hundred who participated in the clinical trial. The device, which is already marketed under the name Babypod (about 120 euros), is a speaker silicone that is inserted into the vagina and hanging a cable that plugs into a music player. Regardless of the volume issued by the player, the device drops to 54 decibels all sounds. The first time I tried it with a doctor at the center itself pregnant six months as a guinea pig, sounding guitar Paco de Lucia . Ultrasonography discovered the creature woke, moved his mouth and even his tongue at the first chords of Cadiz composer. “We were in shock as Paco de Lucia was still playing,” recalls Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Chief Assisted Reproduction Clinic and lead investigator of the trial.

The trial proved the difference between three types of different fetal stimulation. Researchers distributed to pregnant women (between 14 and 39 weeks gestation) into three groups: music abdominally-about 100 decibels, corresponding to the noise made ​​by a train in movement-vaginally -are 54 decibels, similar to sound of a conversation rather calmer tone musical sound vibrations emitted from vaginal-about 70 decibels, as a talk at elevado- tone. Music was the Partita for solo flute in A minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. The scans revealed that applying vaginal music, 87% of fetuses moved their mouth or tongue and about 50% reacted widening jaw and sticking his tongue to the fullest. “Applying music streaming from the abdomen or sound vibrations, these changes in the expressions of fetuses were not observed,” the researchers explain.

Picture of the fetus sticking out his tongue in response to musical stimuli /INSTITUT MARQUÈS

As the pregnancy progresses, the reaction of fetuses is more significant. Although researchers do not know what these movements of fetuses when listening to music should, Professor Alberto Prats, Professor of Fetal Anatomy and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, ​​runs the hypothesis that ” music induces vocal movements that active primitive brain circuits related to the stimulation of language and communication. ”

“For the first time we managed to communicate with the fetus,” concludes Dr. López-Teijón.Researchers say they have made the creature hear as a newborn, with the same intensity and undistorted.In addition, the study proves that fetuses hear from week 16 -the literature confirmed the functionality heard ten weeks later. The investigation will rule out fetal deafness, ultrasound speed and even reduce stress of mothers who get nervous when you do not notice the fetus moving.

Little or no use, as the signatories of the study, the practice of encouraging creatures with music streaming through attached to the belly of the mother “giant headphones, the study authors say

The trial started with 106 women, but in one year, and have had vaginal music therapy over a thousand pregnant. Researchers want to open practice to the whole population but warn, sleep cycles of fetuses also be respected. “We recommend 10 or 20 minutes in the morning and evening,” concluded López-Teijón. As for the music, melodic best. The study shows that, before the voice of their mothers, thehits music they prefer fetuses are the pieces of Mozart, Bach or Queen.

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Music and photography: something different

Today we will talk a little about how the picture is gradually introduced but increasingly in the audiovisual world, especially in the category of video and we’ll put some example music video in which the essence is photography, and without which they would not have been possible.

We’ve talked before about how sometimes the photograph has applications for which apparently was not enabled . We saw a few months ago the stop-motion video of the song ‘Last Leaf’ OK Go and the curious clip NysuFilms for Glez group of his song ‘All time’ . Both videos were made ​​from a series of photographs with exceptional results for my taste.

In this case there is a video made ​​from photographs if not one in which they have used the tools it uses as part of the backlot. This is the music video made ​​for the Japanese group Androp with its theme “Bright Siren ‘ . In the, as we said Andres the beginning of the week , we have used nothing more and nothing less than 250 Canon 60D, each with an external flash . “Why?” You may ask those that you have not seen the video. Because they have been used as if small dots of light from a LED panel is involved. It is common in type video recording performance using a big screen due to the large dynamic background with movement and color that can bring the video clip. Also greatly it reduces the complexity of the lighting scheme because the screen is virtually all the visual weight .

All will remember the famous clip of the song ‘Speed ​​of Sound’ of the British Coldplay where the band played in front of a mammoth LED display that is coordinated with the music to create a great show. In this case we find similar video only that the screen has been created with these 250 flashes , each with its corresponding chamber, of which we speak. Through a system of wiring and a computer, the filmmakers created a system capable of creating images in the mosaic of flashes, firing their flashes like they wanted. All the images you see on the screen for the clip were created using a small panel of 250 LEDs, whose program then extrapolated to the giant screen flahses. Then I leave the video and further down the Speed ​​of Sound music video of which I spoke earlier.

I would like to mention another example, because besides being a great video, there are the less interesting fact about it. It is a truly original and well done video that definitely had to cut working hours, as a video in stop-motion, and this is the case, it is really laborious.

The curious thing is that practically made stealing the idea, the State Lottery and Betting, the organization that administers lotteries in Spain made the announcement that you see below. Does it sound good?

As you see more and more the minds of the filmmakers devised mills where classic tools include techniques or photography which certainly is beneficial for this, as wide possibilities and gives more and more value. If you know more examples of video cameras in lso which are used or are made ​​from photographs share them with us on www.mindonphotography.com .

10 incomparable movies you must see on the life of great musicians

Singers, composers, performers: the music is one of crucial importances in everyday life, and the film did not remain oblivious, was occupied at different times of some of the most renowned artists in the history of music in all genres.

Then: putlocker movies offers a collection of 10 biographical films about musicians who have created important style with unusual interpretations to portray personalities who fascinate the world of all ages. See these movies on project-free-tv.io.

# 10 The Music Lovers (1970)

Tchaikovsky , the genius of Russian romanticism ballets composed for large and magnificent symphonies, had a life of strong contradictions, probably overwhelmed by a bisexuality not accepted. This film exhibits with great drama neurosis and madness to the woman he loved most reaches. With Richard Chamberlain and Glenda Jackson.

No. 9 Amadeus (1984), Milos Forman

Life of Mozart , according to English play well represented, leaving testimonial evidence of harassment and demolition that the musician Salieri performed on the young genius Mozart to force envy their talent and courage staff.


No. 8 Bird (1988), Clint Eastwood

History of saxophonist Charlie Parker ( Forest Whitaker ), in which Clint Eastwood pays tribute to jazz great telling a very dramatic story with great elegance and extraordinary soundtrack. With Diane Venora .

Impromptu No. 7 (1991), James Lapine

An aristocratic woman who dresses like a man and publishes his books under the name of George Sand ( Judy Davis ), is divorced and lives with a lot of freedom from great artists. Among their usual friends know Frederic Chopin ( Hugh Grant). A social panorama in great detail.

Tina No. 6 (1993), Brian Gibson

Tina Turner ( Angela Bassett ) exhibited in many facets: child prodigy splendor, fabulous Fall meeting and rampant abuse of who rises to success ( Laurence Fishburne ), and final release in a process where his musical talent gives you maximum energy .


No. 5 Immortal Beloved (1994), Bernard Rose

The great personality of Beethoven has resulted in many films. It is the film biography musician. On this occasion he plays Gary Oldman in a very romantic story based on the search for an unknown woman whom the artist leaves his possessions as an inheritance.

No. 4 Ray (2004), Taylor Hackford

Lights and shadows in the life of the composer, pianist and singer blind Ray Charles ( Jamie Foxx ) along sentimental and artistic periods with detailed presentation of environments and characters in relief.

No. 3 Beyond the Sea (2004), Kevin Spacey

Bobby Darin was a singer popular in the decades of 50 and 60. He had a great talent that allowed him to develop successfully in different styles. However, an excess of ambition complicated traumas dark end complicating life. Kevin Spacey in the greater commitment of his career, as it is writer, producer and director, as well as protagonist who also sings and dances.

No. 2 Copying Beethoven (2006), Agnieszka Holland

A young music student who aspires to be a composer ( Diane Kruger ) makes it impossible to approach Beethoven ( Ed Harris ). It does not have easy but ends up being his copyist, a very important task that will link them in a unique relationship.

# 1 The Soloist (2009), Jope Wright

True story of Nathaniel Ayers ( Jamie Foxx ), a prodigious violinist in the second year of conservatory developed schizophrenia and ended up living on the street.In 2005 he was discovered by a journalist ( Robert Downey Jr. ) slumping, who decides to help the musician in a difficult endeavor whose success will serve to help yourself.


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