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10 incomparable movies you must see on the life of great musicians

Singers, composers, performers: the music is one of crucial importances in everyday life, and the film did not remain oblivious, was occupied at different times of some of the most renowned artists in the history of music in all genres.

Then: putlocker movies offers a collection of 10 biographical films about musicians who have created important style with unusual interpretations to portray personalities who fascinate the world of all ages. See these movies on project-free-tv.io.

# 10 The Music Lovers (1970)

Tchaikovsky , the genius of Russian romanticism ballets composed for large and magnificent symphonies, had a life of strong contradictions, probably overwhelmed by a bisexuality not accepted. This film exhibits with great drama neurosis and madness to the woman he loved most reaches. With Richard Chamberlain and Glenda Jackson.

No. 9 Amadeus (1984), Milos Forman

Life of Mozart , according to English play well represented, leaving testimonial evidence of harassment and demolition that the musician Salieri performed on the young genius Mozart to force envy their talent and courage staff.


No. 8 Bird (1988), Clint Eastwood

History of saxophonist Charlie Parker ( Forest Whitaker ), in which Clint Eastwood pays tribute to jazz great telling a very dramatic story with great elegance and extraordinary soundtrack. With Diane Venora .

Impromptu No. 7 (1991), James Lapine

An aristocratic woman who dresses like a man and publishes his books under the name of George Sand ( Judy Davis ), is divorced and lives with a lot of freedom from great artists. Among their usual friends know Frederic Chopin ( Hugh Grant). A social panorama in great detail.

Tina No. 6 (1993), Brian Gibson

Tina Turner ( Angela Bassett ) exhibited in many facets: child prodigy splendor, fabulous Fall meeting and rampant abuse of who rises to success ( Laurence Fishburne ), and final release in a process where his musical talent gives you maximum energy .


No. 5 Immortal Beloved (1994), Bernard Rose

The great personality of Beethoven has resulted in many films. It is the film biography musician. On this occasion he plays Gary Oldman in a very romantic story based on the search for an unknown woman whom the artist leaves his possessions as an inheritance.

No. 4 Ray (2004), Taylor Hackford

Lights and shadows in the life of the composer, pianist and singer blind Ray Charles ( Jamie Foxx ) along sentimental and artistic periods with detailed presentation of environments and characters in relief.

No. 3 Beyond the Sea (2004), Kevin Spacey

Bobby Darin was a singer popular in the decades of 50 and 60. He had a great talent that allowed him to develop successfully in different styles. However, an excess of ambition complicated traumas dark end complicating life. Kevin Spacey in the greater commitment of his career, as it is writer, producer and director, as well as protagonist who also sings and dances.

No. 2 Copying Beethoven (2006), Agnieszka Holland

A young music student who aspires to be a composer ( Diane Kruger ) makes it impossible to approach Beethoven ( Ed Harris ). It does not have easy but ends up being his copyist, a very important task that will link them in a unique relationship.

# 1 The Soloist (2009), Jope Wright

True story of Nathaniel Ayers ( Jamie Foxx ), a prodigious violinist in the second year of conservatory developed schizophrenia and ended up living on the street.In 2005 he was discovered by a journalist ( Robert Downey Jr. ) slumping, who decides to help the musician in a difficult endeavor whose success will serve to help yourself.


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