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Accountant and musician who has multiple sclerosis received community support

With his friends Eduardo Castro and Aldo Rojas, Marcos Cabrera he contrived to sing.

The case of the musician and accountant sanantonino, Marcos Cabrera, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and who lives literally prostrate in his modest home in Barrancas, and was released extensively through the pages of bookkeeper brisbane, did not leave indifferent to the community. This is because after taking public its precarious condition, samples were immediate support.

At 35, and with a sense of humor that disturbs anyone, Marcos Cabrera Alvarado (35), thanked his way with her mother Hilda Alvarado, the concern expressed by many people. Eight years ago he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which was slowly consuming. With his mother, he spends his days in his modest home located at 1479 Juan Antonio Rios in Barrancas. Only his family and his closest circle of friends knows her harsh reality.

In this situation the Municipality of Christmas, where he worked for many years, joined the solidarity campaign by donating a surgical cot and decubitus mattress for his former head of administration and finance.

“The truth is that life has changed us a lot since the Mark was diagnosed with the disease, and never could sing like he did in his group Nuevo Trigo is like a big child in body, although at times has very clear notions of what is happening around him, “says his mother, who thanked the efforts promoted by the municipality in the Sixth Region.

Likewise Hilda Alvarado thanked the concern shown by the musician Aldo Rojas, and the president of the FENATS, Eduardo Castro, who presented him with 74,000 pesos, money that was raised at the rock of song of solidarity organized to benefit.

Marco’s mother, who was a faithful witness of the physical and mental deterioration suffered by his son, grateful for the donation, indicating that this money will be invested for the purchase of diapers and feeding.

“It’s hard to accept that someone life was healthy and normal, suffer such damage. Luckily we have not been alone and God has been our great support. His closest friends, who have always been willing to help, too have been important, “he explains still excited.

“Somehow we have met Marquito as it was practically the public who participated in this benefit, moved by his current situation,” said Eduardo Castro.

While Aldo Rojas said that “it was the least we could do with an artist who both delivered by music in San Antonio.”

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