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More about the interaction between music and cosmetics

Music and cosmetics are used since the early days of Ancient Greece as rituals and even today this vibelingers in the various protocols in aesthetic clinics and salons with sound environment. As said Aristotle, “the music is heavenly, divine nature and of such beauty that enchants the soul and rises above his condition.” The beauticians use it for purposes like and well-being better in aesthetic treatments.

The relaxation protocol from the musical notes of the chords that are sound frequencies, give rhythm and sound to the melody, according to treatment on the patient. Each musical style has its particularity for this treatment between music and cosmetics.

As already published by our team in this article , Shiseido launched the acoustic beauty care. The sounds cited by Shiseido are drops of water, which produce lift x onde comprar and two distinct frequencies, low and high, known as binaural beats, or are perceived by 2 ears and cause a feeling of relaxation.

Woman getting relaxing massage at SPA

Relaxing massage.
Photo: marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

But where does the beauty and cosmetics that tune?

The difference in frequency notes increases feelings of relaxation due to stimulations caused by brain waves can be measured by oscillations in encephalogram.

Any external action with music, since we are with mental, emotional and conscious state operating, has resulted in fluctuations in brain waves, which stimulate the production of hormones (like cortisol) and antibodies (such as the immunoglobin). These hormones have an interaction with our well-being day-to-day and can reduce wrinkles and expression lines caused by stress (cortisol) and disease due to low immunity when we experience certain situations (Immunoglobulin A), as they are attached to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The SNA controls the basic functions of our body, such as breathing, blood circulation, temperature control and digestion, so the beauty treatments performed with the synergy of music, have greater effectiveness. Moreover, cosmetics applied have higher permeability of the assets that make up the product due to body temperature system being in tune and have more awareness to the touch according to harmonization.

bottles of shampoo or liquid soap

Your favorite moisturizer helps to relax?
Photo: Photokanok / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Before the relaxation treatments related both to the touch and with the music, the purpose is very specific: the relaxation and individual well-being. After all, every human being active life, because of the stress of work, traffic, disagreements and setbacks of the day-to-day, just aside your highest good health in the issue: the state of physical and mental balance. To control this balance is necessary planning and daily attitudes, such start experimenting using your favorite cream listening to your favorite music?

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