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Music and photography: something different

Today we will talk a little about how the picture is gradually introduced but increasingly in the audiovisual world, especially in the category of video and we’ll put some example music video in which the essence is photography, and without which they would not have been possible.

We’ve talked before about how sometimes the photograph has applications for which apparently was not enabled . We saw a few months ago the stop-motion video of the song ‘Last Leaf’ OK Go and the curious clip NysuFilms for Glez group of his song ‘All time’ . Both videos were made ​​from a series of photographs with exceptional results for my taste.

In this case there is a video made ​​from photographs if not one in which they have used the tools it uses as part of the backlot. This is the music video made ​​for the Japanese group Androp with its theme “Bright Siren ‘ . In the, as we said Andres the beginning of the week , we have used nothing more and nothing less than 250 Canon 60D, each with an external flash . “Why?” You may ask those that you have not seen the video. Because they have been used as if small dots of light from a LED panel is involved. It is common in type video recording performance using a big screen due to the large dynamic background with movement and color that can bring the video clip. Also greatly it reduces the complexity of the lighting scheme because the screen is virtually all the visual weight .

All will remember the famous clip of the song ‘Speed ​​of Sound’ of the British Coldplay where the band played in front of a mammoth LED display that is coordinated with the music to create a great show. In this case we find similar video only that the screen has been created with these 250 flashes , each with its corresponding chamber, of which we speak. Through a system of wiring and a computer, the filmmakers created a system capable of creating images in the mosaic of flashes, firing their flashes like they wanted. All the images you see on the screen for the clip were created using a small panel of 250 LEDs, whose program then extrapolated to the giant screen flahses. Then I leave the video and further down the Speed ​​of Sound music video of which I spoke earlier.

I would like to mention another example, because besides being a great video, there are the less interesting fact about it. It is a truly original and well done video that definitely had to cut working hours, as a video in stop-motion, and this is the case, it is really laborious.

The curious thing is that practically made stealing the idea, the State Lottery and Betting, the organization that administers lotteries in Spain made the announcement that you see below. Does it sound good?

As you see more and more the minds of the filmmakers devised mills where classic tools include techniques or photography which certainly is beneficial for this, as wide possibilities and gives more and more value. If you know more examples of video cameras in lso which are used or are made ​​from photographs share them with us on www.mindonphotography.com .

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