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Music: Milk, cocaine and peppers, the Mediterranean diet that almost ends with David Bowie

The British musician died yesterday of a cancer at 69 years. In the 1970s, stuck in his role as a wild pop star, he could go down in history as a rock martyr. Between the curse and the autoparodia

Spanish: David Bowie has died . Whereupon: Tap put in historical context some of the most ostentatious and bloody episodes of his  biography .

Back in the seventies, pop started having trouble overcoming their past achievements, so he threw the baroque style: the rockers  pushed for drum solos fourteen minutes, conceptual discs and round fall before 70,000 people on account of overdose . However, the ability of the rock to parody himself, came from afar: the rock / pop was born with the seeds of its own self – destruction inside. Tells Bob Stanley in his history of pop ( ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah !, now published by Turner! ):

“It was seen and unseen: brokered barely two years between the initial blast of rock ‘n’ roll and self – parody . Disservice would these pioneers generations by coining the expression ‘style rocker life’ to refer to activities such as dressing suck black leather, smashing televisions, drinking Jack Daniel’s to nose and placed with heroin: the rock ‘n’ roll The first hour was fast, fun, disposable, challenging, youthful and refractory to clichés. There are more rock ‘n’ roll in the three minutes of fiery desmelene of ‘I Need a Man’ by Barbara Pitman in the entire discographies of Aerosmith and Motley Crue . ”

But there was no need to be a brainless roquero Los Angeles to get caught in the clichés of pop. Sophisticated pop stars also lost their roles to a stereotype: one that ‘forced’ them to fall into the horse’s nets and coca to achieve the status of damn / authentic musician.

David Bowie scored a brutal peak of popularity with the albums ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ (1972), ‘Aladdin Sane’ (1973) and ‘Diamond Dogs’ (1974). Then came the moment rocker par excellence: he was  trapped in his own character and its own excesses. All this seasoned with huge amounts of coca and … milk.

“In 1977, an emaciated Bowie struggled to stay alive. After three years of milk and cocaine, he looked like a silent movie ghost, “writes Stanley. But instead of death , there was resurrection . One of those ‘I’ve survived hell and I’m here to tell you’ that so much love pop / rock foodies. “He had moved to Berlin, the city that best reflected the divisions , barriers and disillusion of the decade, and there was saved. He published in the spring ‘Low’, his masterpiece and arguably the most desolate and expressionless disk pop history … His -‘Low Berlin trilogy ‘,’ Heroes ‘and’ Lodger’- laid the foundation of the music of the decade Of 1980, “adds Stanley.

In 1977, an emaciated Bowie struggled to stay alive. After three years of milk and cocaine, he looked like a silent movie ghost.

Bowie left the hole, yes, but the enigma about drugs, the badness and stereotypes of rock continues. The Spaniard Nacho Vegas musician who has lived its own process excessive rise, fall and rise, discussed the matter with this reporter in an interview for a book .


“I’ve always had a mitroman point with rock. I have read many books, but the more I read, the more myths came to me. An example. In the Festival of Gijon they put a documentary about  Gram Parsons . I was very fan. He died at age 28 of an overdose of horse and, moreover, wanted to be buried in the  Mojave Desert . His friends took his body to the desert to perform a ritual with fire. Very mystical all. I had heard that story and it seemed very romantic to me. But the movie explained how it really happened. His roadie, who had plenty pint element to sack drunk, stole the body of Parsons his family, he got into a van, bought  a liter of gasoline and set fire to the body in the desert. And if all this was not enough, he did it in a sloppy way: he could not burn the whole body and the family had to recover the intact part to burial. This is not romantic at all. It’s ridiculous. The myths of rock are based on nothing or miserable things. That was always so. ”

And now it is when you should consider whether coca fed on milk and reinforces the myth of  David Bowie  or ridicules … Place your bets.

The Paranoid Bowie in Bullets


Postscript: Hitler and healthy food

Bowie’s Sevenfold Diet According to the page dangerousminds.net

Demonstration that the outdated roquero tends to self – parody: the comic ‘The Side Effects of the Cocaine’ from Sean T. Collins and Isaac Moylan , summarizes the adventures of David Bowie from 1975 to 1976 in Los Angeles, when he entered a drift paranoid  acute because of its peculiar food pyramid (you know: milk more coca, although some sources say that Bowie also took  hcg diet injections and “red peppers” , that is, pure Mediterranean diet).

The comic, which swings between horror and humor , shows us a Bowie with serious problems to differentiate between reality and paranoia crazy. Or the ball-stops of a rock star trapped in his mental maze. A comic psychodrama in full order.

By the way, at the time that reflects the comic, Bowie was interviewed by a very young (19 years)  Cameron Crowe (future director of films like ‘Jerry Maguire’) for the magazine ‘Playboy’. The interview has passed into pop history through Bowie’s massive mental pie: “Rock stars are fascists. Adolf Hitler  was one of the first rock stars . Think about it. Watch your first movies and the way it moves. I think he’s as good as Jagger. It’s fascinating. boy when Hitler was put on a stage , knew how to work the public and is the creator of something known control for twelve years. The world will never see anything like that again. Turned a country into a scenario “… Is it or is not it laughable?

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