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Music in the vagina to stimulate the fetus during pregnancy

Mozart, Mickey Mouse, Queen or singing a cappella singer Adele has managed to awaken from their slumber to a hundred babies who dozed peacefully in the womb of their mothers. It was known that music is a universal language that crosses borders but between those boundaries were the abdominal wall and a melodic sound could penetrate almost soundless womb to stimulate a fetus at four months of Gynecologist is the novelty brings a study by researchers at Institut Marquès of gynecology and obstetrics of Barcelona. The work proves that, after 16 weeks of gestation , the fetus can already hear and even respond to musical stimuli emitted from the mother’s vagina.

Little or no use, as the signatories of the study, the practice of encouraging creatures with music played through giant headphones attached to the belly of the mother. The abdominal wall has “many layers and thick”, which make the sound reaching the uterus is distorted and almost a whisper, so that the fetus is unfazed. Nor future infants respond to non-musical sound vibrations but are output from the vagina (with a vibrator, for example). The investigators, who publish their work this week in the British journalUltrasound conclude that the only way that music penetrates the nearly soundproof uterus and cause a response from the creature through the vagina.

We managed to communicate with the fetus, “concludes Dr. López – Teijón, author of the essay

Thus, the researchers designed a prototype speaker that was introduced into the vagina of a pregnant hundred who participated in the clinical trial. The device, which is already marketed under the name Babypod (about 120 euros), is a speaker silicone that is inserted into the vagina and hanging a cable that plugs into a music player. Regardless of the volume issued by the player, the device drops to 54 decibels all sounds. The first time I tried it with a doctor at the center itself pregnant six months as a guinea pig, sounding guitar Paco de Lucia . Ultrasonography discovered the creature woke, moved his mouth and even his tongue at the first chords of Cadiz composer. “We were in shock as Paco de Lucia was still playing,” recalls Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Chief Assisted Reproduction Clinic and lead investigator of the trial.

The trial proved the difference between three types of different fetal stimulation. Researchers distributed to pregnant women (between 14 and 39 weeks gestation) into three groups: music abdominally-about 100 decibels, corresponding to the noise made ​​by a train in movement-vaginally -are 54 decibels, similar to sound of a conversation rather calmer tone musical sound vibrations emitted from vaginal-about 70 decibels, as a talk at elevado- tone. Music was the Partita for solo flute in A minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. The scans revealed that applying vaginal music, 87% of fetuses moved their mouth or tongue and about 50% reacted widening jaw and sticking his tongue to the fullest. “Applying music streaming from the abdomen or sound vibrations, these changes in the expressions of fetuses were not observed,” the researchers explain.

Picture of the fetus sticking out his tongue in response to musical stimuli /INSTITUT MARQUÈS

As the pregnancy progresses, the reaction of fetuses is more significant. Although researchers do not know what these movements of fetuses when listening to music should, Professor Alberto Prats, Professor of Fetal Anatomy and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, ​​runs the hypothesis that ” music induces vocal movements that active primitive brain circuits related to the stimulation of language and communication. ”

“For the first time we managed to communicate with the fetus,” concludes Dr. López-Teijón.Researchers say they have made the creature hear as a newborn, with the same intensity and undistorted.In addition, the study proves that fetuses hear from week 16 -the literature confirmed the functionality heard ten weeks later. The investigation will rule out fetal deafness, ultrasound speed and even reduce stress of mothers who get nervous when you do not notice the fetus moving.

Little or no use, as the signatories of the study, the practice of encouraging creatures with music streaming through attached to the belly of the mother “giant headphones, the study authors say

The trial started with 106 women, but in one year, and have had vaginal music therapy over a thousand pregnant. Researchers want to open practice to the whole population but warn, sleep cycles of fetuses also be respected. “We recommend 10 or 20 minutes in the morning and evening,” concluded López-Teijón. As for the music, melodic best. The study shows that, before the voice of their mothers, thehits music they prefer fetuses are the pieces of Mozart, Bach or Queen.

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