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Choose the suitable filter is crucial to counter the magical 11,000 likes. At least for me, to use filters is to click on different types until you get bored. To develop my understanding of what are the best filters, I decided to study the trends of the masters of Instagram: pop stars.

Using a statistical analysis package for the R programming language , developed by the great Pablo Barberá , I seek the last 250 publications and 15 more musicians followed in Instagram. Yesgram makes it easy to access to its data, so that each post is attached a good deal of metadata (hey, if the NSA -Agency US national security for its acronym in English have this information, why all of us no?), including the type of filter that each publication has.

Chart filter analysis by Major and Sam Chieng / s click here to expand

The first thing I noticed is that the use of a filter on each post is a serious faux pas. Getting the sampling of each user, the results displayed that Normal is the most used, with considerable scope filter. I had to go to the bottom of the list of the most popular to find one in which this is not the case;Apparently, Miranda Kerr and Paris Hilton are obsessed with Valencia. So I’ll definitely use it.

Although most successful musicians use a diverse variety of filters, when you add, certain patterns begin to emerge. As you can see from the graph (made in a beautiful way by graphic designer Sam Chieng) , on average, the most popular filter is Mayfair, followed closely by Amaro, X-Pro II (which has the ridiculous name there for a filter after “Toaster”), and yes, Valencia. Filters that should be ignored at all costs is 1977, Gingham, Brooklyn (make better try, no?), Dogpatch, and Maven.Incisors Broad City cultural observers are right about Kelvin-or be approached.

Using filters followed by 5 more accounts described at the bottom. As you can see, Queen Bey is the most followed in Instagram artist, she uses filters less than a quarter of the time; his favorite, too, is Valencia. Ariana Grande is the queen of the multitude of #sinfiltro (#nofilter) while tswift is a fan of filters, using them almost two-thirds of each of their publications, as well as your favorite is Mayfair by a significant margin. The Biebs is also a fan of Mayfair, despite his old cabbage, Selena Gomez prefers Slumber.

Outside the top five, the use of filters is less usual: Miley and Nicki filters used in less than 5 percent of their posts, and Rihanna joins mountain stingy. Justin Timberlake is in love with Valencia. My favorite finds are by Katy Perry and Drake, which a filter with an almost perfect name used. “Rise” which is basically the same word as “Roar”, which effectively captures the media image of power-pop Katy Perry. Meanwhile, “Willow” is not an avid participant in the game of the filters.

The last three accounts belong to One Direction (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and the official account of the band), and these last three love Amparo. This coincidence fueled my thirst for search, so I decided to investigate further only to find something new and refreshing on the most obsessed users worldwide: I think the same person manages the accounts of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and counting the band. My evidence? This chart significantly less beautiful:

Major image for Chad / s Click here to increase

The black dots correspond to the official account of the band, red belong to Harry Styles and Niall Horan are blue. Each column shows the frequency with which a filter is used. As you can see, in some of the columns of the points they are in almost the same position; with the exception of the account of the band using less options from time to time, the similarities are unmistakable.

So the secret is out. One Direction fans: if you want to be like their idols, Amparo need to use 10% of the time, Mayfair another 10% of the time, Lo-fi 8% of the time …

For the rest of you: They have the same number of filters that ‘gram Beyoncé’. Use them wisely.

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